Good Goose Bumps

I have a love/hate relationship with goose bumps.

When I was first learning to shave my legs I caught a cool breeze behind the shower curtain and, not realizing the danger, I shaved the tips off of hundreds of goose bumps. (Hate)

When I hear Celine Dion or Josh Groban sing “O, Holy night,” I enjoy every little tingle and tickle of every single goose bump. (Love)

For humans, they say, there is no advantage to our sympathetic nervous system’s nerve stimulation and adrenaline~produced tiny contracting muscles that cause our hairs to stand on end. Though it beefs up other mammals to look scarier to their enemies, it doesn’t have quite the same effect on humans.

A few of the humans I live with love the goose bumps produced through soft tickles with fingernails on their back, arms and neck. Me? Not so much. This just reminds me of being cold and leads to razor burn flashbacks. But, I have other inducers of goose flesh that I enjoy.

Last night, on our Valentine’s date, hubby and I were at the mall. I stopped at the Lancôme counter and had a little makeover. As the artist brushed shadow onto my eyelids and powder under my eyes I got goose bumps.

When I go to the library and the librarian takes the little bar-code reader pen and carefully glides it across the inside cover of my book, I get goose bumps.

When I call in to my bank and the specialist on the other end of the line, for security reasons, verifies my date of birth, my security code, the last four of my social AND my address, I get goose bumps.

When my husband’s fingertips glide across my back and shoulders to sweep every strand of my hair to one side I get goose bumps.

I appreciate it when someone provides me a service with meticulous care and focus. Unrushed and confident, they do their job well and are happy to help me. For some reason these short encounters make me feel.

I also enjoy listening to patriotic anthems, “The Star Spangled Banner,” and “Do You Hear the People Sing?” They awaken something inside me that often lies dormant.

Though not necessary, goose bumps are the evidence that I feel. They may indicate feelings of cold, fear, passion, anticipation, excitement, relief, touch or peace. They can come from both physiological or psychological stimulation. Feeling is sometimes a lost cause to me. There have been times in my life of numbness, when I ached to feel. I might not even recognize the numbness until I experience feeling, shocked that it had been so long since last I felt.

Below are the links to some music and videos that may do nothing for you but they pass the goose bump test for me:

Today’s call to action is to find at least one healthy expression that awakens you to feel. If you are feeling numb, perhaps revisit those good things that used to move you.

How long has it been since you felt? What makes you feel? What gives you Good Goose Bumps?


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