I am sending love to refugees. Will you join me?

It is free and takes just a minute.

If I was a stranger in a new world, fleeing my home, my immediate attentions would be focused on obtaining food, water, shelter, and safety for my family. These needs, fulfilled, would still leave me to deal with potential grief, fear, fatigue, regret, frustration, depression, and loneliness.

I might be at the mercy of strangers for everything; strangers who already deal with their own burden of providing and pursuing happiness.

I am not a refugee, but I know what humans need.

The following is an invitation to give attention to one of the many needs of our refugee sisters and brothers.

You are invited to join the movement and write a brief message of love, fifty words or less, to be delivered to refugees.

Here are the parameters for this effort:

50 words or less
(Longer messages will not be sent)
Use your own words to simply send love
(Divisive messages will not be sent)
I only request that you sign your first name followed by your home country. Include State or Province if you’d like.

Please submit before 11:59 p.m. February 14, 2017

That’s it!

Here is the message I prepared:

Dear Friend,
I ache for your situation; I know it could easily be my own. Beyond government, religion, patriotism, and language, I send you my love. I pray for you, your family, your children, and for your future.

Submit by pressing the “Send Message” button on the MJ’s Lost Cause Facebook page, then type in your message.

Your message doesn’t need to be long. It may be as short as, “Sending love. Dave, from Wyoming, USA.” The individual messages will be meaningful but the mass of love and support will be most impactful.

Thank you for your time, and for sharing your love.
Your contact info will not be shared.
If you would like to keep up on the progress of this effort, please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ MJ’s Lost Cause. I’ll be sharing some of the messages you are sending to the refugees. You’ll see them on the the Facebook page and you can search #mjslostcause

In 2014 I invited you to create handmade tote-bags that could be delivered to women like me, who could use a touch of love from a stranger at a very scary time. My original goal was 100 tote-bags. I made that goal prepared to make 97 of them myself, if needed. Wonderful people from around the world got to work. They sewed and mailed these gifts of love to me and at the end I was able to deliver over 700 bags to hospitals and cancer centers.

I am as committed to delivering your messages of love to those who are hurting.

My goal is to acquire at least 5,000 messages in the next 14 days.
Will you help me?

To participate comment here, send an e-mail to mjslostcause@yahoo.com, or go to the MJ’s Lost Cause Facebook page and comment or select “Send Message.”

Start by writing a message of love and then share this with your friends. Thank you.

MJ Willis


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