A lost cause could be otherwise defined as someone or something, a project, a purpose, or a plan which no longer has hope of winning. It is a defeated plan, a disappointment-laden purpose with a perpetual dead-end. The cause is fruitless, it is lost.

I am MJ.

Some brilliant “causes” are prematurely abandoned or take a long time to discover. When I discover a cause I will show it to you. No longer lost, it will be found; honored and  promoted.

Welcome . . . to the world of MJ’s Lost Cause.


2 thoughts on “Lost Cause?

  1. Hi MJ, I’ve been trying to get in touch but for some reason I’m not able to leave a comment on your posts, and can’t find an email address, or links to any social media for you. Please if this comment gets through, can you get in touch with me. Thanks, Deby

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